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Seriously, I don't get why Cats is so popular. I watched it recently on DVD and enjoy it (despite the 20 minute plotless chasm of dance), but it dosen't seem like a musical that would ever be popular let alone run on Broadway for 18 years. How popular was T.S. Elliott and his Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats? Did a lot of the popularity of Cats stem from the fact that it was based on these poems? Was it just a devine fluke that a musical with the barest thread thin plot became so popular? The majority of it was just a long string of introductions with a sparse plot sprinkled lightly throughout. The end of the musical was about how to address a cat, which one would think would come in the beginning and it was also unrelated to the plot. I think ultimately that it was so over the top people couldn't help but love it, and I think thats what kinda happened to me.
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I don't think that evil truly exists; I don't think people truly are evil nor do I think anyone themselves truly believes that they're evil. Evil seems to sprout up from conflicting ideologies of good, I don't think it matters weather this conflict arises between warring nations or between a serial killer and society at large. Everyone simply tries to enact their own vision of good, to varying degrees of success. I think I've been watching too much Charmed with my mom.
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Tonight was my third time watching Shortbus and I think I enjoyed it more this time than the previous two times, particularly the end where all of the mounting frustration is finally released. Unfortunately, it was also the only time I watched it where half the audience was unreceptive. I'm kinda dissappointed because half of that half is a close friend of mine, not only could she not handle the honest portrayal of sex and masturbation on screen but also couldn't comprehend the relationship structures because (for lack of a better phrase) extra-marital affairs weren't frowned upon. It kinda blind-sided me that she wasn't prepared because I'd been telling her for a year about the movie including the "unsimulated sex" and the annilingus scene and she sounded excited enough to see it. She said it herself that she was too straight for the movie, and it makes me sad that she's probably right. :-/


Aug. 13th, 2009 11:53 am
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So I'm trying to decide if parodying Chongas is analogous to black face or making fun of emo kids. Recently my friends have become kinda obsessed with watching certain YouTube videos of white girls imitating Chongas and find myself rather uncomfortable. Right now I'm leaning towards it being awful, as it is white teenage girls making fun of Hispanic teenage girls.
Does anyone want to weigh in on this?

Video 1
Video 2
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So I was reading an interview/story piece on Daniel Radcliffe in the Parade magazine/newspaper insert and he apparently thinks that a gay drug dealer is more shocking than a) appearing naked on stage and b) playing a character who has a thing for horses. Ummmm... what?


Jun. 1st, 2009 09:32 pm
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Ooooh, I have a pretty new Dreamwidth. This is really just a test post

Oh how I love xkcd


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